métier legal lifestyle protect

The alliance, then the Northern Legal Alliance, was created as a much needed support network in the extremely challenging times of the pandemic. As we now celebrate our second birthday since going National, the legal services market has only continued to create further challenges for law firms in a fast changing world.

Now we want to take our support to the next level with the creation of metier legal lifestyle protect that will help you to look after your most important asset – people!

We created metier9 to help our law firm Members to attract new staff, and to do this without huge fees, but retaining employees is just as important in growing any successful business.

There may be many suppliers that try tackle the above issues but metier legal lifestyle protect is a completely new concept and service to take this support to the next level for the legal sector.

We want to help everyone at a law firm, from the owners to the critical support staff, to be both happy and healthy in their work and throughout their lives. We want to protect you and then help your lifestyle to flourish!

Employee wellbeing

We have a built a range of competitive benefits packages that uniquely understand law firms.

We can meet the varied business budgets and requirements which are powered by Aceso. Like their namesake, from Greek mythology, they are focused on healing through a rounded approach to employee wellbeing.

We offer a range of services which aim to consider all aspects of health, including our five main pillars:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Financial health
  • Social and community
  • Occupational health

Our Partner can provide a detailed understanding of all available options for consideration and guide Members through the process of obtaining the appropriate cover to meet your needs and demands.

In the current legal job market, with employee health and wellbeing at the forefront of many business and HR leaders’ thoughts, attracting and retaining top talent is increasingly important to employers.

Rewarding and recognising your staff through tailored employee benefits is one way to help your law firm appeal to the right people, boast productivity and create a motivated workforce.

Watch this space for more details… and naturally these services will be discounted for our Members!

Culture and People

When your employees are happy your clients are happy.

Cadre is a refreshing new service, and their vision is to redefine the legal industry by fostering environments that align employee experience with client experience. Your people are the key to your success.

Your employees want to be able to see a clear roadmap for their career at your law firm, understand what is expected of them, how they can demonstrate their capability, and work in a sustainable way to reach their full potential.

Having a cohesive people strategy that includes a well defined and documented career pathway, aligned to core values, underpinned by the required behaviours and leadership qualities needed to support both the strategic direction of your firm, and individual career progession potential is an essential requirement for forward focused law firms.

We will help you to attract, engage and retain the brightest minds in the legal field, who are supported to reach their full potential, flourish, helping Members to future proof your law firm and gain a competitive edge.

Watch this space for more details… and naturally these services will be discounted for our Members!

Health & Fitness

Coming soon…